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5 hours ago

Manilla Cycling

Last post from us for the day....and this one is for yet another cracking club run!

This week we took to the roads north and headed up to Sedgefield & Trimdon with a cracking stop for coffee at The Aviator (dippy eggs are the future if you are tempted to go there btw....dont be middle class like Ste Hannah eating avocado!!! lol)

Again this week we had another guest rider turn up and 7 of the team braved the freezing early morning conditions of a glorious winter morning and headed out completing a range of 45 - 55 miles for the day at supposed reco pace with some efforts up the climbs we encountered!

If you fancy tagging along with the team for some great banter and some good miles, get yourself along next Sunday!

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6 hours ago

Manilla Cycling

*****Croft Round 2 - E1234 race report*****

On the start line for the E1234 we had Adam Brooks, Keith Guest & Nick Prest for his 2nd race of the day.....here are the race reports from the guys:

Adam Brooks:
Going into round 2 I felt confident from the previous week. Once again starting with the 3rd Cats. Nobody seemed to want to work together so had a few early efforts with a few other lads but nothing materialised but legs felt good. Could see the Elite group was gaining fast due to lack of collaboration in our group so I decided to sit and wait and be ready for the catch and an increase in effort it would bring. At the half way mark two riders attacked the prime and I followed, stayed away for around half a lap but soon got swallowed up in the wind. The pace started to increase and the front group started to whittle down from around 30 to only around 20 left. As the attacks started to come riders let gaps go and I found myself behind riders being shed form the front 10 or so. I managed to jump from wheels to wheel to make up some ground and found myself working hard with another 4 riders and after some big turns we managed to get back on terms with the front group, only for the same to happen again around 5mins later. Once again around 4 of us grafted hard with some big turns and once again got back to level terms with around 2 laps to go. Going into the final lap I was well positioned in the top 20 front group but as we came out the final turn and into the home straight I didn't have much left. Gave what I could and came home around 15th we think... Very happy with today could not have given much more...

Keith Guest:
Round 2 was my first race for around 7 months and only 2 weeks into getting my backside in gear, I honestly though I’d be dropped on the 1st lap but it turned out to be the slowest 1st lap known to man. Nobody wanted to work, Adam went over the top of the front riders and I made the decision to follow. 3rd lap and Adam was trying to get a chaingang going, only 5 or 6 of us worked and I lost the plot with the rider behind me, after I put in a massive turn into the wind, instead of coming through he dropped in behind me and about this point my legs popped. Ended up 4up with a small group for a few laps and solo’d the last 5 by myself. Finished the race with good numbers so very happy with my effort….onto next week!

Nick Prest:
E1234 ...just went out and did 12 miles enjoyed that as well ! Great effort by all who turned up and raced would recommend it to all who haven’t turned out yet . I will be back next week.

Well done guys!

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Thanks to Josh Guest & Darran Moore Photography for the photos!
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