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6 hours ago

Manilla Cycling

GCH 2020 and day 3/4 of the training camp and again today was a mixed bag of fortunes.

The day started with a short ride down to the port and a ferry over to the mainland, from there half the team jumped in the van to miss out the start of the ride whilst Russ, Dave, Josh & Bailey set off on the 25 mile route to Parnitha.

At this point it went a bit south as Josh discovered (thanks to his magic spannering) that his small ring was hanging off. Cue the guys trying to find a bike shop to get it fixed whilst the rest of us tackled the 11 mile HC cat climb!

The climb itself was immense and great fun, Keith took 20 mins off his time from last year which is excellent work, Russ would probably have had the KOM only he didnt ride the start of the segment lol.

The team regrouped at the top and rode back down with Russ, Dave & Bailey completing a solid days graft of 80+ miles and over 8000ft of climb 💪💪

Let's see what tomorrow brings 😂

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1 day ago

Manilla Cycling

Day 2/3 of GCH training camp 2020 today and a planned double ascent of Mt Dirfis didn't quite go to plan unfortunately!

The team got to Dirfis and ascended the side we've never done before, stopped off at the top for some photos in the glorious 20° sunshine and then dropped back down.

From here the day went a bit pear shaped as Dave Cammiss had a mechanical which resulted in a wrecked rear mech and 2 snapped spokes, Dave, Bailey, Josh Hindmarsh and Steve Frost bailed out to Masterbike in Chalkida for repairs leaving the rest of the team to make it on to Steni. Unfortunately we ran out of time to do the 2nd ascent so sacked it off and made our way back to the villa over Theologos which itself is a 6 mile climb!

Tomorrow is Parnitha day and another cracking climb, HC cat 11 miles up the highest mountain in Athens!

Tally ho!

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