Rule No.1

Obey the Rules

Rule No.2

Respect the Jersey

Always wear team kit with pride when competing, and when attending team rides.

Rule No.3

Social Media

Whenever using social media to talk about the club and any of its sponsors you will do so in a positive light.

Rule No.4

Take the lead

If organising training rides, it is your obligation to attend, unless you have formally cancelled via social media a minimum of two hours before the start of the ride.

Rule No.5

Don’t half wheel

We ride in well-disciplined pelotons, we do not half wheel, we do not show off. We obey the rules of the road.

Rule No.6

Pace yourself

Rides are at the pace the ride guide sets, some rides will wait for slower riders, faster rides may drop them.

Rule No.7

Its good to talk!

Communication is key to a safe group ride, It is important to communicate to the riders in the group of potential hazards.

Rule No.8

Be self sufficient

Do not attend rides without being prepared for punctures. Bring your own equipment and your own skills.

Rule No.9

Don’t be a stranger

Members are encouraged to be actively involved within the club attending training rides and social events whenever practical and possible.

Rule No.10

Café Culture

Cafe stops should always be towards the end of the ride if possible.

Rule No.11

Remember to Have Fun!

A cheery ‘hello’ to passing groups when riding.