The holiday period comes to a close, senior rider spirits are high and new clobber to show off, must mean only one thing…Manilla Sunday. The commitment to attend was high, the forecast was looking ‘favorable’ and it was the first Sunday of the New Year – New Decade! The question was, did it live up to its expectations?

As standard the club posted the route taking in some rolling country lanes from NRG Thornaby at 9:30am, with a number of different meet points along the way, earlier in the week. Rolling out of NRG at 9:30am the group was 14 strong. Superb! After a couple of miles, the group was well established in understanding each other’s levels of fitness, or who had over-indulged over Christmas, and worked like a well-oiled machine. Ensuring riders were taking turns pulling on the front and those who required it remained in the middle, protected. Approaching the last few miles through Aislby seen some of the youth riders hit a few inclines hard, after Josh’s over ambitious effort to drop the pack, before regrouping at Yarm for a well-earned coffee and slice of sugar.

I must make a further comment regarding the ongoing entertainment young Mr Guest offered whilst reenacting his celebration from 2019. You know the one – surely. The world famous photo, which led him into retirement. I am glad we all got some enjoyment out of it Mr Guest


Hats off to our ‘Club Run Gaffa’ Kieth for organising a great route which enables all riders to benefit, allowed multiple meet points and allowed others to cut off to go directly home at different points. Also, a big well done to those who were in attendance as their first club run, and it was great to see non-members attending too.

Our club runs are scheduled for a Sunday with a 9:40am roll out from NRG Thornaby with a number of meet points along the way including; Sapper Corner (Hartlepool) 8:20, Wolviston Duck Pond 8:40 and Redmarshall Crossroads 9:05am. Throughout the winter we will be working through three main routes each week, which can be complete in reverse which are all around 35-40 miles from NRG, finishing off with a Coffee.

Make sure you keep a close eye on our Social media to see which route is chosen each week, and let us know if you will be at any of the meet points. Be great to see another large group out this week.

See you next time!

The good, the bad and the ugly – you are going to hear it all. An ongoing diary of my experiences as an overweight, 29-year-old (no that’s not middle-aged to you juniors) cyclist who is delving into the world of racing.

We will be covering race reports, local club riding, training, lots of miss haps and my never-ending addiction of spending obscene amounts of money on small pieces of lycra and carbon.

Initially, people have said; “why on earth would someone want to see or read about that”. I kind of agreed, but after shedding a little tear in my garage, riding on a bike yet not going anywhere and talking to people through a virtual world – I mean why not?

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